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Spray Tanning

Treat Yourself To Look At Your Best All Year Round!

At Voluptuous Devine our team is highly experienced at tanning and making you feel super comfortable in the process.

We can come to your home or we have a studio that you are welcome to request to use.

Our process is simple – we sit down and have a consultation with you first to understand what skin type you are, whether the tan is for a particular event, what you would be wearing, and how long you need the tan to last. Once we gather this information we can work with you to find the right solution to get the result you want.

Our Spray Tanning Solutions are Streak Free, Non-Greasy and Quick Drying Solutions, giving you that full body tan. We take privacy and comfort seriously, so we work with you to ensure you feel comfortable when getting your tan in a private location.

We use Rapid Tanning solutions to give you the convenience of carrying on with your day, unlike the traditional tanning solutions which you have to allow hours before washing it off.

How do you get your Spray tan?

We use a portable tent with plenty of room for you to stand in and have an HVLP machine that plugs in along with a bright light to give us excellent visibility.


We spray the solution onto your skin using the HVLP machine starting from one area working around your body. Ensuring that you are happy with the depth of colour.


You have a few choices

  • Old Bra and Knickers
  • Naked for a Full Body Coverage
  • Topless and wear a disposable G-string supplied by me
  • Wear an Old Bikini

We recommend you read this information coming up to your tan to be fully prepared, and for a longer lasting tan.

  • On the day before the spray tan exfoliate your full body in the shower or bath using an exfoliating glove or face cloth. Concentrate on areas that are prone to dryness such as elbows, knees and ankles.
  • Rough or dry skin can cause uneven absorption rates and uneven tan. Ensure your skin is clean and dry with no soap residue.
  • Do not apply moisturiser, perfume or deodorant on the body prior to or immediately following the spray tan.
  • Any hair removal (waxing or shaving) should be performed 24 hours prior to the spray tan application.
  • Wear old undergarments or swimwear to spray in or you may prefer to be sprayed naked, so you don’t have any tan lines. (refer to what do I wear for more info).
  • All jewellery should be removed to ensure an even application.
  • Make-up should be removed.
  • Always wear hair up, and make sure your hair is not wet as otherwise it drips on the body during the spray application.
  • You can apply a little barrier cream (we will guide you on this) to any areas you do not want the solution to react on

We recommend you read this information for aftercare as it will help you care for the spray application and for a longer lasting tan.

  • Avoid any water contact between 1-3 hours as per instructions given in consultation. Water contact stops the tanning process immediately. Be mindful of going outside in the rain or activities that promote sweating and keep your hands out of water if you have sprayed them.
  • Do NOT rub or scratch your body as this can also remove the spray solution during the important developing phase.
  • Do NOT apply any creams or deodorants until after the first shower.
  • A small amount of the bronzer will wash off during the first shower, this is normal.
  • Try to use soap with a PH balance of 5.5 or lower (dove is good). Some soaps are more alkaline which will accelerate the fading process. Liquid soaps tend to be more gentle than ‘cake’ soaps.
  • Avoid using products that are designed to exfoliate the skin such as moisturizers that contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids, as this will prematurely fade your tan.
  • Avoid extended showering/bathing and rubbing of the skin afterward as this increases the natural skin exfoliation process. Pat your skin dry.
  • Avoid chlorinated pools, spas and excessive heat such as saunas and steam rooms as this will dramatically accelerate the fading process. Chlorine is a form of bleach which promotes tan removal.
  • Avoid hair removal procedures such as waxing or shaving as this removes the very top layer of the skin and your tan could appear patchy.
  • IMPORTANT: Remember that the tanning solution does not contain a sunscreen and will not protect your skin from sunburn.
  • Always wear a protective SPF sunscreen when out in the sun.
  • Apply a moisturizer twice daily to extend the life of your tan.

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