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Are sick of shaving? Is your skin reacting to hair removal creams? Then why not give waxing a go!

When you use a shaver, you cut the hair off which gives that blunt feeling, hence why, when the hair starts to grow back you get that ‘itchy’ feeling.

Hair Removal creams are used to ‘dissolve’ the hair, these sorts of creams are used mainly on the legs, armpits, and pubic area. One side effect can be irritation or chemical burn from the cream being left on too long. Hair Removal creams also don’t guarantee to get all hair out, especially those stubborn hairs.

With waxing you are completely removing the hair follicle and bulb, so for the hair to grow back it must start its growth right from the beginning of the growth cycle.

Depending on each person’s individual hair growth will depend on how often you need to get your waxing done. On an average around 3-4 weeks on areas such as Brows, Upper Lip, Face, and Underarms. 4-6 weeks for Bikini Lines, and Legs.

When it comes to waxing there are 2 forms of waxes, Strip Wax and Hot Wax.

Strip Wax – Is a great way to wax if you are restricted on time, a strip with wax is applied to your skin and removed quickly removing hair. Wax strips can be used on Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Face, Underarms, Bikini, Legs, and Toes.

Hot Wax – Applied directly to your skin, use the ‘lip’ of the wax and remove quickly. Hot wax can be used to do Eyebrows, Upper Lip, Face, Underarms, and Bikini.

We make waxing as seamless as possible, we work closely with you during this service to ensure you get a comfortable and painless experience.

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